Research Grants

The National Autism Resource Centre (NARC) has recently secured research funding from the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) to work on Autism research projects. These projects are established to help and make positive differences to the lives of people with autism spectrum disorder and their families. The information of the research projects are as follows:

The Establishment of National Autism Resource Centre

Project Leader: Professor Dr. Nursuriati Jamil

Study on Costs of Living of Persons with Autism in Malaysia

Project Leader: Pn. Sanizah Ahmad

Autism Journey Directory and Data Repository System

Project Leader: Dr. Marina Ismail

Prevalence and Mortality Studies of Persons with Autism in Malaysia

Project Leader: En. Mohd Nazrul Mohd Amin

Awareness and Acceptance of Autism Programs

Project Leader: En. Muhammad Azri Mohd