To be a world-renowned one-stop knowledge repository and reference centre related to people with autism.


Working towards spreading awareness and acceptance; providing advocacy, education, information and support through research, services, training and curriculum development, consultancy and related projects by adopting the “Whole-of-Society” approach.


  • To be a highly effective resource centre that supports and promotes quality information and autism-related programs to the society by collecting, organizing and disseminating broad range of related data.
  • To serve as a bridge that connects people with autism (PWA) and the public by bringing together both resources to achieve meaningful exchange.
  • To provide assistance to autism-based organizations in conducting and facilitating research, services, training and curriculum development, and related projects for people with autism, their families as well as other targeted key stakeholders.
  • To establish networking and partnership with other organizations in spreading awareness and acceptance about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).