KLANG, 16 OCTOBER 2020: The Internet of Things (IoT) Mushroom House Project is a collaboration between NARC and NASOM Bandar Puteri Klang to upgrade the existing mushroom house. For starters, 500 blocks of mushrooms were planted and it took three weeks for the IoT kit to be fully installed at the mushroom house. In addition, two IoT sensors were installed to measure the temperature and humidity that controls the desired environmental conditions for optimised mushroom production by automatically watering the mushroom house to damp it.

As a result, this project contributes to ease the workload of the teachers and people with autism to check on the temperature and dampening the house. Besides, it also has reduced the labour cost, and waste as well as doubled the mushroom production. Through this project, NARC is given a golden opportunity to conduct research on the mushroom’s growth and production. The Internet of Things (IoT) Mushroom House Project has been in operation since its inception and the harvested mushrooms have become a source of income for the Bandar Puteri NASOM Centre.